Introducing the EVGA X Series Gaming Mice - Now 50% off for EVGA ELITE Members

- February 9, 2021

EVGA X Series Gaming Mice

Introducing the EVGA X Series Gaming Mice - Now 50% off for EVGA ELITE Members

High Speed USB Connection
  • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core
  • 8K Hz report rate
  • 0.125 ms response time

Triple Sensor with 3-Dimension Array Tech
EVGA brings you the world's first triple sensor mice with dual LOD sensors, paired with a Pixart 3335 optical sensor on the X20 or Pixart 3389 on the X17. Most gaming mice use the mouse's primary sensor or an additional LOD to detect the lift-off distance, while the EVGA X20/17 uses a more advanced 3-Dimension Array Tech. This system uses a triple sensor algorithm to detect the position where you lift the mouse off a surface and put the mouse back down, achieving the shortest and most accurate lift-off distance. EVGA's 3-Dimension Array Tech algorithm can detect within a minimum of 0.4 mm to a maximum of 3 mm from the mouse to the surface, dynamically adjusting the best power-off height. Customize the power-off height in different directions to achieve the most accurate gaming in the world with EVGA UNLEASH RGB software.

Sensor 1
Sensor 2
Triple Sensor
3-Dimension Array Tech
Primary Optical Sensor + 2 LOD Sensors.
Adjustable and Precise Lift off Distance.

Quick Responding Mechanism

On the fly DPI + Profiles X20 & X17

On the fly DPI + Profiles X15

Super Low Friction PTFE Mouse Feet
Slick movement across any surface with mouse feet made from the purest, highest grade of PTFE.


EVGA Unleash RGB Software
Full control and customization with EVGA UNLEASH RGB Software. Customize button control and RGB lighting.

EVGA Unleash RGB

EVGA X20 Gaming Mice

EVGA X20 Gaming Mouse

3 Modes of Connection

Designed for Gamers X20

EVGA X17 Gaming Mice

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

Designed for Gamers X17

Weight System

EVGA X15 Gaming Mice

EVGA X15 Gaming Mouse

70M Optical Switch

Up To 20 Programmable Buttons

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