EVGA Releases Motherboard BIOS Updates to Support the Latest 9th Gen Intel Core Processors

- April 12, 2019

Today, EVGA officially releases BIOS updates for its Intel 300 Series motherboards to support both current and future 9th Gen Intel Core processors.

These BIOS updates are necessary to support the newest stepping on 9th Gen Intel Core processors, as well as provide future support for unreleased processors.

Download the latest BIOS for your EVGA Intel 300 series motherboard by clicking the download link below. This will take you to our download page where you can find the release notes and installation instructions.

EVGA Z390 Motherboards

MotherboardBIOS VersionLink
Z390 DARK (131-CS-E399-KR)1.06Download
Z390 FTW (123-CS-E397-KR)1.07Download

EVGA Z370 Motherboards

MotherboardBIOS VersionLink
Z370 Classified K(134-CS-E379-KR)1.14Download
Z370 FTW (134-CS-E377-KR)1.13Download
Z370 Micro ATX (121-CS-E375-KR)1.12Download

EVGA H370 Motherboards

MotherboardBIOS VersionLink
H370 Stinger (111-CS-E371-KR)1.06Download

EVGA B360 Motherboards

MotherboardBIOS VersionLink
B360 Micro Gaming (112-CS-E365-KR)1.06Download

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Service.

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